About Ron

Ron's first (1967) commission after finishing Art School.

1st big commision 78  small

After finishing his formal Education in ceramics at the Ontario College of Art in 1963 Ron established his studio in Scarborough. From this time until 1971 he was a studio potter and part time educator in ceramics. During this period he participated in many shows, won numerous awards, executed several architectural commissions, laid the foundation for Rodaco Clay, and served as a volunteer in two major craft organizations. He set up the studio, developed the curriculum and taught at Centennial College continuing education department from 1967 to 1985. 

1971 marked the incorporation of Rodaco Clay in response to the community's need for well designed and quality processed clay. In June 1981 Rodaco was taken over by his partner and Ron returned to the creative life of a studio potter and the task of re-establishing himself in the more demanding discipline of porcelain. After a few group shows he entered the “Perfect Setting” dinnerware show which opened at Government House in Ottawa and won the special Award for Contemporary Design. 

Ron is co-author of "Mastering Cone 6 Glazes" a "best seller" book on glaze stability.

Ron is currently concentrating on technical writing and consulting to studio potters. He is a consultant to Tuckers Pottery Supplies formulating clay and maintaining quality control as well as assisting customers with glaze problems. He is also an active member and contributor to ClayArt - an internet group of potters.

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