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Ron graduated from the Ontario College of Art in 1963. 

He has been a teacher, a clay supplier and is a consultant

 to many potters and Tuckers Ceramic Supplies on clay 

and glaze matters. 

He is also co-aurthor (with John Hesselberth) of 

Mastering Cone 6 Glazes - the first book for potters to 

include information on the durability of glazes.

* Mastering Cone 6 Glazes is now available as an iBook. 

Search for it at the itunes store. It is also now available in a black and white version with the color pictures at  masteringglazes.com

Solving  glaze and clay problems using glaze calculation 

software is his specialty and he is well known for his 

workshops on the subject. 

Dilatometery is an important tool in the process of 

determining proper fit of clay, glazes and slip. 

For more information on how a dilatometer is used 

see my page on the subject. 


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